Lead Editor

Keyboard, pencil and calculator. If I could summarize my professional life in objects, that would be it. The keyboard could also be a typewriter (if it were my 40 years ago). He is the materialization of my writing side. I love to write: literature and advertising. In fact, it is from my education as a publicist that the pencil comes. With it, we can create. From a blank sheet, drawings, notes, crazy ideas, briefing and brainstorming. Finally, the calculator. My serious, rational side, which transforms these impulses and inspirations into logic. Perfect for those who want to apply in marketing without shaking the financial department. I refined this characteristic in the post in administration and marketing. A good balance, don’t you think? How did I put it all together? After working on major brands in the country – Ambev, Pão de Açúcar, Santander, Carrefour, Sicredi – and dedicating myself more and more to the creation of content, the idea came up to channel inventiveness in my spare time to compose a book. Thus, my career as a director of creative and advertising writing follows in parallel the determination to write books. And in the midst of the routine of writing for advertising campaigns, for the various institutional magazines I edit, scripts, websites and various content, other literary texts and books are written. In this maelstrom, some prizes come out: in 2013, I was awarded the publication of the mini-story Amanhecer-se for the Bons Momentos Futura Award in the collection book “A Cor dos Bons Momentos”. “Think Better Before You Think”, a spin-off by Virkadaz was awarded by the Federal University of Espírito Santo (Ufes) in 2014.

In 2017, Sweek selected the short story “Velvet Púrpura” among the 30 best in the country. In 2018, I received the award for the 36th Yoshio Takemoto Literary Contest, from the Nikkei Bungaku Cultural and Literary Association of Brazil, with the short story Hitler’s Body. In 2018, “Think Better Before Thinking Again was given visibility by being among the top 10 children’s books on SweekStars by Sweek. I can say: I love writing! They realized, didn’t they?

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