You need digital marketing and you may not know how much

You need digital marketing and you may not know how much! Maybe 39%. Parameters were revolutionized with the twists of this year. Consumers have changed their behavior, requiring a complete assessment of sales strategies. It is unthinkable not to act fast. It takes strength to take advantage of the remaining breath and expand the audience’s perception.

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Those who think about waiting to risk and invest in communication will see the competition take their place and sales decrease. In addition, according to a global study by Kantar on consumer attitudes and media habits, only 8% of respondents believe that brands should stop their advertising activities in the current context. Certainly, having a presence is more than remaining visible, it’s generating empathy and engagement. Therefore, connecting with the public is also creating an ongoing relationship. And staying away from the consumer interrupts any feeling of affinity.

In fact, Kantar still warns that a six-month absence from advertising would result in an estimated 39% reduction in total brand awareness. That’s right: your brand can lose 39%!

Everyone knows that good ideas come around in times of crisis, it is necessary to go beyond the usual. In this sense, communication and marketing actions can be the best partner to leverage objectives. The start can be a brand repositioning with an innovative reading that perceives where it serves the consumer in these new times. Adding captivating values, encouraging other uses, building empathy can lead to better levels of revenue in a digital marketing transformation. This is the authentic being that the public wants to see in what it consumes.

Perceive: what it wants to SEE. If the product does not circulate, it is no longer present to the audience, how can it be noticed? The brand’s attitude starts with believing in the market and its potential in this scenario. Basically, the consumer will buy what he/she wants. At that moment it is above all positivism and stability. Therefore, digital marketing is the tool to generate this sensation while maintaining support for the brand. Think about it. But don’t just think. Run to earn more.

Author: Renata Dembogurski