Never just one more

Now that everyone has to be on the web to be relevant to the consumer it is a task that blows your brains out. In addition to requiring well-targeted investments in digital media with a total transformation and digitalization of the company, deciding how to be present and what to present to the public brought several dilemmas. One of them is that in order to differentiate the market, the brand and its products now need to delve into information that previously could arise with a touch, in conversations and with eye contact. This detail goes well beyond sizes and composition, it also includes the origin of materials and means of production. After all, brands are currently evaluated for their activism and transparency.

Never just one more

Consumers have a multitude of products that are often difficult to choose just from their photos within an e-commerce. Thus they end up opting for the brand-embedded concepts. It tells the company’s history, how it behaves in society, what it thinks and how its products express its values. Quality is a part of this new mix of elements that demonstrate the degree of commitment and specialty. And that also bring the level of trusteeship and not just a distributor. Which means that the public trusts the reputation of the chosen brand.

Thus, a communication and marketing strategy needs to align the brand in order to inform and collaborate with the moment of purchase and not only trace the path between the parties. The increment even includes image, not only with the choice of the best photos, but also, when linking abstract items to increase affinity.

Another dilemma of the moment is how to be present. Digital media opportunities go through social networks, marketplaces, Google, app, streaming platforms and many other meeting points.

After all, where to be?

Targeting revenue requires a thorough understanding of public behavior and the impact that each medium will have on it. This reading and the correct investment application comes by adding intelligence and knowledge to the strategies. It cannot be a broad, generic and unfounded statement. It demands a conscious brand development in the digital expansion protected by professionalism. After all, to be chosen, the journey goes far from being just one more in the digital market.

Author: Renata Dembogurski